April 9, 2021

3 Ingredient Marinara Lentils (Vegan)

This recipe is one of my favorite plant-based meal preps for the week. Based on my energy, I can make this with three simple ingredients or step it up a little and start with a mirepoix (onions, celery, and carrots) and chilis (for the Mexican part of me).

Make sure to get lentils that do not need a  presoak, I get mine from, and they are of excellent quality and at a reasonable price.

Also, before adding them to the pot, take the time to rinse your lentils well. If they stick together after the rinse, you can break them up with your hands or a spoon.

3 Ingredient Marinara Lentils (Vegan)

One of the most leisurely meal preps to exist with just three ingredients and a healthy, fibrous, protein-packed plant-based meal.


2 tablespoon olive oil
1 cup red lentils, rinsed
1 25 oz jar of marinara sauce (my personal favorite is Yo Mamas)
25 oz filtered water
2 teaspoons salt or 2 vegan bouillon cubes


Add the extra virgin olive oil and the lentils to a pot with a tight fighting lid, breaking apart any clumps. Add the jar of marinara. Fill the empty jar with filtered water. Return lid to jar and give the water a good shake. Add water/sauce mixture to the pot along with the salt. Stir thoroughly until the mixture is combined.

Over medium-high heat, bring the lentils to a high simmer, place the lid on the pot and turn the heat to low. Let lentils simmer on low for 20 minutes. Turn off heat. Remove lid and stir.

I love to serve these lentils over a bed of couscous with sautéed veggies on top, over toast, in a burrito or taco, tossed in some whole wheat pasta, or just by themselves.


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