Why I Cook with Cannabis

Why I Cook with Cannabis

If you are a cannabis user or you are cannabis curious, "hello" let's be friends. One of my goals is to contribute to ending the stigma around cannabis use. Gone are the days of not discussing my cannabis use, or hiding it because I was ashamed. We cannot change anything by being quiet. Granted, I don't have a job that would drug test, and I live in a state that allows access to cannabis for recreational and medical use. Check your own local and state laws and decide if this is something that is right for you.

Cannabis is a healing plant. It saved my life. I was a pot smoker in my late teens and twenties, but I never used it to heal. Honestly, I don't think I ever really enjoyed smoking weed when I was younger. I got anxious, paranoid, and ate till I was sick. But I smoked weed because it was a way for me to connect with peers, to feel cool, and accepted. There was no real purpose for my use, unlike the present day.

In 2011, I got spinal meningitis, it was unlike anything I had experienced in my life, it turned my world upside down. The headaches from spinal meningitis are unbelievably painful. Doctors tried a wide range of pain medications but nothing helped. After weeks of suffering, my wife did some online research and found a study that used cannabis to treat the pain caused by spinal meningitis. At this time, I was no longer smoking, so my wife went to our neighbors and asked for help. They graciously shared their bounty and my wife returned with this miracle flower. I don't know how many days went by between coming home from the hospital and my first toke for medical purposes, but I will never forget that moment. I took a hit from my neighbors' bong and almost instantly I felt something change. I took another hit, I sat up for the first time in days, I took another hit, I was finally hungry and thirsty. My body was immediately responding to this miracle plant. The best moment came when I laughed. How long had it been since I laughed? The pain had been so bad for so long there was no joy in my days, but at that moment I felt relief and a hint of joy.

If you have ever wondered why cannabis is a healing plant, one of the many reasons is because it creates moments of joy. When you deal with chronic illness, you hold on to moments of joy, because you don't know when the next one will come. If you think cannabis may help your physical, mental, or spiritual health do not wait to help yourself. Do not hinder your healing by taking others' opinions of you or this plant into consideration, because their opinions do not matter, and they are really none of your business.

One of my favorite ways to use cannabis is through ingesting it. If you have never had a properly dosed edible you cannot compare it to your smoking experience. It is completely different. When you begin to learn how to use cannabis in your cooking, it can open up a new door to healing. I look forward to sharing more about cooking with cannabis but for now, I will leave you with an easy recipe that is a "fan" (my friend Lindsey) favorite.

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