Beautiful Karolina

I am an imperfect human.  I have a past, one of being hurt and one of causing pain to others.  I have lied, cheated, stolen, demeaned, and bullied.  I have served 24 hours in a small city jail, six months in a federal prison camp, and another 5 months in a federal halfway house.  I have seen more than I care to remember and have caused more pain than I would care to recognize.  But you can’t become a better version of yourself without recognizing the traumas you have suffered and the ones you have caused. Once you start doing the hard work to heal yourself, you begin a Whole Revolution, hence my inspiration for this blog.


For years, I have tried to start a blog, but I never was able to commit to the blog or to believe in myself.  I also looked at it as what could I get from it; money, fame, free stuff.  I was unable to realize at those times in my life that I needed to start thinking about what I could give to others through a blog, not what I could receive monetarily.  This is not to say when the right opportunity arises that I would not take it, because I do have bills, but that’s not the purpose of me sharing myself and my family through food and stories.

The Whole Revolution has been a revolution within itself.  Initially, the blog was going to launch in 2019, with a focus on providing Whole 30 and Paleo food recipes, because I thought that’s what people wanted.  I found myself comparing my cooking and approach to other bloggers and influencers who had hundreds of thousands of followers and being full-on in my imposter syndrome.  It wasn’t until the murder of George Floyd, and the silence of so many food bloggers/influencers, that I realized I was attempting to mirror others' success, and that wasn’t me. I would use my platform to scream about the injustices in our communities, regardless of followers or monetary gain.  So the blog evolved.  

This last year caused me to look at myself in a way I never have before. How did white supremacy, the patriarchy, colonization, and diet culture affect how I saw myself?  How did it affect how I value myself?  What generational trauma was I holding for my brown side of the family?  How do I live a life that would not only support my black son but also support other black and brown men and women in my community?  These were some of the many questions have I asked myself.  It is a journey and there is a lot of unpacking to do, but I am doing it.  So the blog will continue to evolve and grow as I do the same.

Additionally, I began to realize the discomfort with cannabis use in our society and the disapproval so many adult cannabis users receive, myself included.  You see, I believe cannabis saved my life, so it was important for me to share that piece of my life and try to contribute to changing the stigma around cannabis use for medicinal or recreational use.  Cannabis is a gift from Mother Earth and has been a huge factor in me being able to revolutionize my life.  I look forward to sharing more about this amazing plant, how it’s helped me and how you can use it in your kitchen in your daily life.

And there you have it … The Whole Revolution - Cooking, Cannabis, and Consciousness 

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