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The Whole Revolution,
I’m so glad you’re here!

Growing up in the kitchen, I watched my Mom or grandparents work their magic every day. My grandfathers were professional chefs, and my grandmothers were equally talented. My Oma was from Germany, and my Abuelita was from Mexico, so I was surrounded by strong women with strong ties to their heritage. Food was love in my family, and feeding the people I love is my greatest joy. Come to my home, and I will feed you; it’s inevitable.

About Me

I am an imperfect human.  I have a past, one of being hurt and causing pain to others.  I have lied, cheated, stolen, demeaned, and bullied.  I have served 24 hours in a small city jail, six months in a federal prison camp, and another 5 months in a federal halfway house.  I have seen more than I care to remember and have caused more pain than I would care to recognize.  But you can't become a better version of yourself without recognizing the traumas you have suffered and the ones you caused. Once you start doing the hard work to heal yourself, you begin a Whole Revolution, hence my inspiration for this blog.

For years, I have tried to start a blog, but I struggled to believe there was space for me in the food blogging community, that my recipes would be enjoyed, or people would like me, which made it hard to commit.  When I initially wanted to start this blog I was going to focus on Whole 30 and paleo recipes, and though I have those on my website, my relationship with food has changed over the last year. Instead of focusing on a certain kind of diet, I swore them off, and begin eating intuitively. Did I lose weight? No. Did I can weight? No. Am I fulfilled, physically, spiritually and mentally? YES!

This means all these recipes fill my soul, my belly and my heart. They are created with the purpose of feeding my wife, my son, and my closet family and friends. This also means that when I let go of my insecurities and begin to love and accept myself, I realized that there is space for all of us. I deserve to be here creating recipes and doing my soul work as much as every other human on this planet.

Creating recipes and sharing content with my global community fills my heart and is my soul work. I hope you find inspiration to revolutionize your own life. To create, to love, to accept and to build a life where peace is priority”


Whether you have a question about a recipe or you’re interested in working together, let’s chat.

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